Photonics Society Eindhoven

Photonics Society Eindhoven (PhE) ( was born in 2019 as a PhD student organization to promote professional development, scientific outreach, and academic-industrial liaison around Photonics in Eindhoven.

As faculty advisor, I want to take the opportunity to thank the PhDs of the Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics departments that are making these stimulating activities possible: Kaylee Hakkel, Rastko Pajkovic, Yi Wang, Gabi Castellanos González, Astrid Barreiro, Sjoerd van der Heide, Vinícius Oliari and Ece Demirer.

Thank you all for the 2019 efforts to start and run the first activities. We had the pleasure of hosting Katarzyna Lawniczuk (Bright Photonics), Aura Higuera (Synopsis), and Jeffrey Lee and Aly Abdou (EFFECT Photonics). PhE also contributed to the Dutch Design Week exhibition “TU/e: Drivers of Change”. More exciting events in 2020!

If you are a MSc or PhD student in the Eindhoven area interested in Photonics do not hesitate to get in touch to join and learn about future events: photonics.society.eindhoven [at]