Join us!

We are always looking for enthusiastic and motivated researchers to push the boundaries of nano-optics, including visitors and interns.

PhD and Postdoctoral positions

Currently open positions

At the moment, we are looking for several PhD candidates to work on an ERC Starting Grant in the following topics:

  • Ultrasensitive chiral molecular sensing with nanophotonics.
  • Atomically thin semiconductors for sensing and imaging.

Please contact me directly for more information.

We also have a co-supervised PhD position to be carried out with Søren Raza at Danish Technical University:

  • Electron energy loss spectroscopy of ultraviolet nanophotonic resonators. Apply here

If no openings are listed matching your career stage, get in touch to explore opportunities in the group.

MSc and BSc students

For local students interested in Master or Bachelor end projects, please contact me to discuss possible topics. You can also visit the project market place of the Applied Physics department for the most up to date information or see here the full list of Bachelor and Master projects available specifically in the PSN group.

For TU/e students, we can also provide opportunities for external internships at international research centers as part of their study requirements.

Internships and visiting students in Nanophotonics or 2D semiconductors

If you are a master or PhD student at another university interested in doing a project or in applying for a fellowship in our lab, contact me to inquire about possibilities.